Onward & Upward || Spring Rush 2015: March 30 - April 2

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Alpha Kappa Psi

Co-ed Professional Business Fraternity


When you join Alpha Kappa Psi, you join an elite group of professionals who are committed to keeping their skills sharp and careers on track. We accomplish this through entrepreneurial and professional programs.


As a fraternity we encourage members to improve our campus and community through philanthropic and service projects. This, combined with our support for small businessess and local startups, results in a level of service unmatched by other college organizations.


Members form meaningful and lifelong friendships with a multitude of people, from fellow students to local business leaders and faculty.

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"Alpha Kappa Psi is composed of a network of students that each provide their own unique set of fundamental skills, experiences, and connections—all of which serve to benefit the entirety of the local chapter, as well as the organization on a national level. We provide the advanced insight and hands-on experience necessary to succeed in all stages of an individual’s career, and our members are truly some of the brightest and savviest young professionals out there."

Anna Tiner
President, Alpha Kappa Psi